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CSA work groups

CSA scenarios for CSA work groups - written by our GPSTs



Working in CSA groups greatly enhances your chances of passing the CSA first time - so don't delay, start today!


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CSA case scenarios (Being updated by Easter 2015)


LBP & Sicknote request  Updated Jan 2015


Tennis elbow Updated Jan 2015


Stressed GP Updated Jan 2015


Bowel screening Updated Jan 2015


Adult polycystic kidney disease  Updated Jan 2015


A patient requests 'Wundercin' - a case where the GP knows nothing about the drug (Updated Jan 2015)


Diabetes Updated Jan 2015


AAA screening Updated Jan 2015


Recurrent gout Updated Jan 2015


Men's health - 1 (These three scenarios relate to the same patient) Updated Jan 2015


Men's health - 2 Updated Jan 2015


Men's health P3 Updated Jan 2015


BBN - breast cancer Updated Jan 2015


Alcohol Updated Jan 2015


Snoring Updated Jan 2015


PMS Updated Jan 2015


Osteoporosis Updated Jan 2015


Headache & stress Updated Jan 2015


BBN (CXR) Updated Feb 2015


BBN (HIV) Updated Feb 2015


Tele consult - morning after pill Updated Feb 2015


Home visit - symptom control Updated Feb 2015


A complaint Updated Feb 2015


CF pre-conceptual counselling Updated Feb 2015




Overactive bladder


Eating disorder


Antenatal screening for Down's Syndrome






Gestational diabetes


GP with drug problems




Painful testicular lump




Autonomy/mental capacity


Childhood UTI


Patient wanting information about Down Under Syndrome - case relating to how a GP deals with a condition they nothing about




Febrile convulsion


Domestic violence


Another headache




Cx smear result with HPV


Diabetes rx uptitration






Agenda setting and dysphagia


New onset AF


Gestational diabetes


Familial Hyperlipidaemia








A request for antibiotics


Asthma (annual review)








Memory Loss & driving








Raised cholesterol


Immunisation & explanation


Breast lump


Alcohol and a raised ALT






Home visit


Alcohol and admission


Palliative Care


Vasectomy request


A telephone consultation


Heart failure


Testicular pain


Home visit for completion of a DNR form


Pill start




Diverticular disease




Obesity/IHD anxiety


Constipation in childhood






Lump in mouth


Knee pain


Drug and Alcohol CSA scenarios from one of our PBL sessions


Teenager asking for cocp




Headache - another case








IHD anxiety




Dealing with multiple problems


HT, non compliance and lifestyle issues


The CXR result


A depressed doctor


The morning after pill




Tired All The Time


Infertility & PCOS




Ethics - paternity test


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