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Pennine Exit Course

The Pennine Exit Course


This course is aimed primarily at GP registrars in their final ST3 year. It covers diverse topics from; how to get a job, life as a locum or salaried GP, avoiding professional isolation, career development to mock interviews! It also covers; managing the transition from GPST to GP, 'what to do when things go wrong', appraisal and recertification, interview preparation and financial planning.

Pennine's Annual EXIT Course


Now integrated with HDR over 9 HDR sessions



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  • Managing transitions
  • How to get a job
  • Life as a locum
  • Commissioning

  • Life as a salaried GP

  • Life as a partner
  • Returners and Retainer
  • Avoiding professional isolation
  • What to look for in a new practice? - a detailed check list you can use to avoid unpleasant surprises after you take that job! 
  • Writing a CV & covering letter
  • CV maker
  • Example of a covering letter


  • Typical general interview questions - An example of some of the questions which were used in an interview
  • Scenario based Interview questions - An example of some of the case scenario questions which were used in an interview
  • Presentations at interviews
  • Navigating the first few months of your salaried post/partnership
  • Financial planning                                                   
  • Confederation                                            


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Venue: CRH Learning Centre


Date: 28/4/15 meet at 1:30 pm and HDR starts promptly at 2pm


Topic: PBL - Problems in the Practice


Preparation: None


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