Welcome to Pennine GP Training, an independent GP Training website, built by Trainers and Trainees and offering a wealth of resources for anyone involved in GP and Health Care Training

So where are we....?

The independent Pennine GP Training website has been built over the last 10 years by the Trainees and Trainers from Calderdale & Kirklees. It offers a wealth of resources and is available to all, irrespective of where you live or work!

Getting the most out of your investment in training...

We have a wide range or resources with particular emphasis on developing consultation skills and preparing for the RCA.

In addition we have a developed an array of tools to help support Trainers and Trainees in their roles and professional development.

We don't talk gobbledygook

Don't worry about the hideous acronyms like MRCGP, or the arcane language of Workplace Based Assessment. Our website cuts through the gobbledygook and helps you get to grips with the challenges facing you.

Yorkshire is a great place to train, have a look at the Pennine GP Training Scheme HEE website for more details (click)

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