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acute illnessMedicine for the young and elderlyCare of acutely ill people present unpredictably in general practice, interrupting normal work routines and requiring an urgent response, risk assessment and management.

Care of Children and Young People is usually delivered outside secondary care and requires good primary care to deliver improved health outcomes.

Care of Older Adults requires management of co-morbidity, communication difficulties, polypharmacy and an emphasis on a patient centred holistic approach.


Acute illness
Anaphylaxis algorithm
Cardiac Troponins
DVT probability scoring (Wells) - 2006
Collapse ? cause
NICE 2016 sepsis risk stratification tool > 12 years
Renal colic

Children & Young People
Developmental Milestones
Neonatal examination
Six week check
Formula feeding infants
Formula feed prescribing by GPs
Paediatric haematology values
Cardiac murmurs in children 2011
Beat website for eating disorders
Consent to treatment by children 2007
Every Child Matters - 2004
Common Assessment Framework - 2006
When to suspect child mistreatment - NICE 2009
Child Protection referral procedures
GMC - Doctors and Children working together - 2008
Neonatal Jaundice - NICE 2010
The Pyrexial Child  - NICE 2013
Diarrhoea and vomiting in childhood - NICE 2009
Childhood Eczema - NICE 2007
Food allergy - NICE 2011
Childhood UTI - NICE 2007
Conduct disorder - NICE 2013
Croup - PowerPoint presentation 2012
The Green Book - DOH guidance on immunisation
Childhood immunisation schedule
Sleep problems in childhood - 2009
Constipation in children NICE updated 2017
Constipation in children - the Primary Care Pathway 2012
Enuresis NICE 2010
Level 3 Child Protection Training - on line module
UTI in childhood - management at a glance 2015
Febrile convulsions 
NICE 2016 sepsis risk stratification tool < 5yrs
NICE 2016 sepsis risk stratification tool 5yrs to 11yrs
Faltering Growth NICE 2017
Faltering Growth NICE 2017
Behavioural tics 

Older Adults
Resources for carers
Diet advice to help maintain or gain weight
Cognitive impairment & Dementia - management guidelines for GPs 2009
Screening questionnaire (GPCOG) for dementia from patient.co.uk website
The National Dementia Strategy - 2009
Dementia NICE 2018
Mobility Scooters - guidance re types, insurance and DVLA rules
Chronic Disease Management - updated six monthly

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