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Consultation skills session 5    Breaking Bad News

Create or review an existing log entry regards a past consultation where you had to break bad news to a patient or relative.

  • What worked well in the consultation?
  • What worked less well?
  • What might you have wanted to do differently?


Watch the short YouTube clip on Breaking Bad News consultation skills (click)


  • Then watch this simulated BBN consultation (click) - use the attached scoring card (write down what the doctor exactly said or did to deliver the key objectives) 



  • Arrange to video a role play (could be a recorded zoom meeting if face to face meeting not possible) of you and your Trainer using the attached BBN scenario (click). If you are in a hospital post, have a go at the consultation with a non-medical household member or colleague role-playing the patient. 


  • Watch the video back and fill in the attached assessment sheet. If you are in GP placement look at the video with your Trainer (could be a zoom meeting if face to face meeting not possible), look at what went well and what you might change (using the completed assessment sheet to structure your discussion) and write a learning log entry on your key learning points.



Now add to your original log entry – what might you do differently having watched these video clips and tried the role-play?



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