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Cardiovascular medcuneCardiovascular
How to measure BP - digital, aneroid & mercury
Home BP monitoring diary
Spreadsheet for admin team to calculate average of home BPs
Hypertension NICE 2016

MI secondary prevention - NICE 2013
The ECG Library - a link to a website with loads of examples of abnormal ECGs
CVD primary prevention 
Explaining QRISK

Stable angina - NICE 2011
999 advice leaflet for patients 
999 advice card for patients Word
Cardiac Troponins
Acute management of STEMI - NICE 2013
CVD secondary prevention
Heart failure management - updated guidance for Primary Care
Chronic Heart Failure - NICE 2018

AF NICE 2014
AF management in Primary Care
AF PDA for anticoagulation 2014
Switching from warfarin to a NOAC
NOAC  start and annual review
NOAC PILeaflet to be used at reviews
Assessing suspected angina and acute onset chest pain - NICE 2010

ABCD score & managing TIA - 2008
Stroke and TIA initial management - NICE updated 2017

DVT assessment and Rx Nice 2012
DVT probability scoring (Wells)  to be used in conjunction with NICE 2012
PE probability scoring (Wells) to be used in conjunction with NICE 2012

Syncope 2010 - A 2010 review
Iron studies and their use in investigating anaemia
Varicose Veins - NICE 2013

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - NICE 2016
Dyspepsia NICE 2014
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - NICE updated 2017
FODMAP diet for IBS
Bowel cancer screening - link to NHS choices website
Managing abnormal LFTs - 2009
Viral Hepatitis - know your Ds from your Es!  - 2009
Coeliac disease
www.coeliac.org.uk a very useful website
Coeliac annual review
NICE - Pancreatitis 2018 

Nutritional Supplements

YouTube clips
AF and NOACs
Angina explained
HT explained
Reflux explained

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