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Cases and PBL for Tutorials

Case and PBL tutorialsHow to help your GPST pass the CSA

How to help your GPST pass the CSA
YouTube clip about CSA myths and tips 
CSA Top Tips from the excellent Bradford VTS scheme
Pennine's new two day CSA preparation course 

Case scenarios for mock COTs or CSAs

CSA case scenarios (click)

Tools for assessing mock COTs or CSAs

COT scoring sheet
CSA scoring sheet for observers
Clinical Skills Assessment performance criteria - a simple tick list to help Trainers and GPSTs assess their performance in mock CSAs.
Videos of physical examination skills 

Case scenarios for tutorials

Safe guarding children
MS and disability
Diabetes, gout, AF and TIA
Diabetes, HT and dyslipidaemia
Case scenario for the GPST & The letter of complaint

Autonomy and dissent
Shared decision making
A grand day out (losing a driving licence)
A night on call (OOHs service falls over)
A bit more pain (DMARDs in Primary Care)
A worried relative
Dealing with bad news

PBL 2021 - neurology  - facilitator's booklet

PBL 2021 - neurology - Trainee's booklet

PBL 2021 - HT & DM - facilitator's booklet

PBL 2021 - HT & DM - Trainee's booklet

PBL - Sexual health
PBL - HT, IHD and professional issues
PBL - DM, CKD and chronic disease management
PBL - Neurology and service development
PBL - Neurology and feedback skills

PBL - Disability, work load, practice dynamics
PBL - health promotion
PBL - non cancer care

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