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The 2019 curriculum

The 2019 curriculum describes the knowledge, skills, professional attitudes and behaviours needed to be a competent GP in the UK.  It has been developed with more emphasis on the skills and capabilities outside the consultation room relating to leadership, professionalism and engagement in commissioning activities.

The curriculum is supplemented by a series of topic guides that explore specific capabilities in more depth, applying them in an appropriate clinical and professional context.


Topic guides are focused into three areas

  1. Topics guides relating to professional issues e.g. Consulting in GP, Equality & diversity, Evidence based medicine, Improving quality & safety, leadership & management, urgent care etc.
  2. Topic guides about life stages e.g. Children, People living with long term condtions including cancer, older adults, end of life care and reproductive health.
  3. Topic guides to clinical topics e.g. ENT, Respiratory, CVD, Neurology etc


An excellent summary  explaining the 8 clinical experience groups and how the 13 GP curriculum capability areas tie into the GMC generic profesional capabilities (click)

Curriculum topic guides - explaining the role of the GP within the topic, emerging issues, the essential knowledge and skills required, wider service, implication, how to learn this topic and how it is assessed in WBPA (click)

The GMC 5 generic professional capabilities 

  1. Knowing yourself and relating to others e.g. Fitness to Practise, Ethics and Communication/Consultation skills.
  2. Appling clinical knowledge and skill e.g. Data gathering and interpretation, Clinical examination and procedural skills, Making decisions and Clinical Management.
  3. Managing complex and long-term car e.g. Managing medical complexity and Working with colleagues in teams.
  4. Working well in organisations and in systems of care e.g. Improving performance, learning and teaching and Organisational & Leadership skills.
  5. Caring for the whole person in the wider community e.g. Practising holistically and Community Orientation

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