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dermatologyPsoriasis 2017
Acne - a GP approach 2017
Psoriasis NICE 2012
Acne 2009
Lyme's disease NICE 2018

Childhood Eczema NICE 2007
Eczema Patient Information Leaflet
Emollient Patient Information Leaflet
Steroid and Emollient ladder
Fingertip units for topical steroids
Checking your moles - Patient Information Leaflet 

http://www.pcds.org.uk/ - The Primary Care Dermatology Society has an excellent website which contains videos of basic minor surgery skills and an excellent atlas in which the photographs are linked to aetiology, clinical presentation and management from a primary care perspective.
http://bad.org.uk/site/622/default.aspx - a link to the clinical guidelines from the British Association of Dermatologists
www.dermnet.org.nz which has quizzes, learning modules, a wealth of patient information leaflets and a loads of photos of dermatological conditions.
Derm Atlas - a useful resource for photos of rashes and lesions
A dermatology disease database - more photos and brief descriptions of skin conditions

Minor Surgery consent form
Web link for Langer's lines


YouTube clips
Eczema explained
Acne explained

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