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GPST 2016 New Contract

GPST inductionDon't Panic....

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The model contact  

Terms and Conditions

Example of ST1/2 Timetable

Example of ST3 Timetable

Example of LTFTT Timetable

Key Points

Pay linked to hours worked and responsibility but not seniority

Most GPSTs will be on the new contract within the next 2 years

Tailor the generic work schedule (timetable) to their needs. The personalised timetable should be agreed prior to induction. 

7 clinical sessions, 1 session of self directed learning, HDR and 3 hours structured education (HEE requirement)

No provision in contract for split shifts

Should not work more than 9 hours (Usually 8 hours), if 8 hours they have 1x 30 minute protected meal break, if > 8 hours they must have 2 x30 minute break

Debriefs are part of the working day  - service time NOT educational time

They should have 1 hour admin time for 3 hours worked

FT GPST - better to work over 5 days than 4 days (implication for holidays and increased meal breaks)

Only one OOHs session per w/e 

Only 6 weekend sessions allowed in ST3

Only 3 weekend sessions allowed in ST1/ST2

OOH sessions are part of the 40 hours, so they need to have a session in lieu

Trainees have permission to do locum work (16 hour max per week) IF the have signed the 56 hour opt out.



Pauline Whitfield, an experienced practice manager, is a very useful source of help and advice. She heads up the team providing advice and guidance on the Junior doctor 2016 contract, as it applies to GP Trainees in Yorkshire and Humber.

The kind of things her team can provide support with will  include;

·         Helping you to be able to correctly calculate salary detail including pay protections;

·         Ensuring  you are able to roster working hours which meet the safety requirements set out in the terms and conditions of service;

·         Assisting you to design and issue work schedules that meet the needs of the Practice and Trainee that comply with the working time restrictions set out in the terms and conditions of service and;

·         Advising you on how best to deal with other aspects of the contract including exception reporting.


Email ,

Or Tel 0151 290 4469 between 0900 and 1700, Monday to Friday. 


More resources  

Pay NHS employers -  www.nhsemployers.org/your-workforce/pay-and-reward/medical-staff/doctors-and-dentists-in-training/pay 

NHS empolyers - contracts and work schedules - http://www.nhsemployers.org/your-workforce/pay-and-reward/medical-staff/doctors-and-dentists-in-training/terms-and-conditions-contracts/work-scheduling-templates-and-guidance

Pay PCSE - https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/services/gp-payments-and-pensions/

GPST pay forms (2017)  and procedures for Practice Re-imbursement

2018 (2016 contract) GPST set paytment set up form

2018 (2016 contract) payscale 

GPST forms - a guide (Matt leave, Mileage claim, Defence fees etc)

More claim form information 

MDU claim form

Milage form completed via the PCSE portal, select the correct form from the enquires form https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/

Change of circumstance form and procedures e.g. for exctension of training, maternity and paternity leave - the form is found on this link, as are the submission instructions

K4 form 

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