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GPST Induction

GPST inductionDon't Panic....

If you have just joined the scheme you will meet all the team and have an opportunity to find out about GP training at our induction events. One thing you must do as soon as possible is to Register with the RCGP

Prior to you starting in General Practice, your Practice Manager will arrange for you to meet your Trainer and visit the practice where you can complete all the necessary paperwork.

They may also provide you with the updated TISA form, if not you can download it here. This simple self assessment tool is designed to help you define your learning needs and plan your education during your attachment.

Induction Programme Resources

Two week induction programme for UK graduates and IMGs in their second substantive GP post (click)

Three week induction programme for IMGs in their first substantive GP post (click)

What have we missed? A post induction checklist for Trainers and Trainees (click)

Updated Task Sheets to be used when sitting in with:

Other useful resources 

Just click on the following downloads:

A Practice Manager's tick list for tasks & documentation prior to induction
Link for GPSTs to register with the RCGP
Trainee Self Assessment Tool
Another Trainee Self Assessment Tool based on the curriculum
Timetables - see the 2016 model contract page
EWTD & OOHs guidance for GPSTs 
GP Trainee handbook
Pennine's policy on GPST 'moonlighting' i.e. additional paid medical work outside contractual obligations during GPST training  

BMA guidance on the new contract post 2016 
Getting a Cx smear takers code

Things for you and your Trainer to discuss by the end of the first two weeks:

Educational matters
Practice matters
A typical learning contract
Holiday, sickness and Study Leave guidance from the Yorkshire Deanery 
An example of permitted abbreviations
The contents of a doctor’s bag
SystmOne survivial guide for Locums and new Registrars 2016 - it's a big file and takes about 2 minutes to download - worth the wait!
SystmOne worksheet

Annual leave entitlement  for GPSTs in GP placements:

StR pay scale minimum to StR point 02 = 25 days annual leave year
StR pay scale point 03 (equivalent to year 5 SHO) onwards = 30 days annual leave per year
Leave entitlements are pro-rata for LTFT trainees.

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