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gp consultationA GP should be able to communicate clearly, sensitively and effectively, be committed to patient-centred medicine and have a clear understanding of what makes a good consultation and how it is achieved.

Ethics: GPs must act in accordance with ethical principles set out in the professional codes of conduct.

Equality & valuing diversity: Equality is creating a fairer society in which every person has the opportunity to fulfil their full potential. Diversity is about recognising and valuing difference in its broadest sense.


The consultation
Consultation models
Breaking Bad News  
The angry patient 
CSA consultation skills - tips and pitfalls to avoid
Calgary-Cambridge - in detail
Safety Netting
A summary of the BATHE model
Michael Balint & Balint groups
The doctor as a drug - a super PowerPoint presentation
Doctors as patients - superb insights from 1929 which are just as valid today!
Causes of a dysfunctional consultation - in brief
Dysfunctional consultations and heartsink patients - in detail
Breaking bad news - common pitfalls and the Kayes model
BBN - guidelines from the Yorkshire cancer network (P8 to P14 most useful)
Challenges to the consultation - a reflective article from one of our GPs in Calderdale
The angry patient
Telephone consultations
Telephone consultations in brief
Running late
Agenda setting 
Tripartite consultations
Useful phrases for consultations
Active listening
Shared decision making
Motivational Interviewing
Motivational Interviewing - a PowerPoint presentation
Conveying risk to patients
Hearing impairment and the consultation
Yorkshire slang - a glossary of slang terms used in South Yorkshire
Medical Slang - a glossary of slang terms used in West Yorkshire
Physical examination - how to do it
Problem based video consultation skills analysis - a non COT approach to video consultation skills analysis
I Spy Consultation Skills  - a tool for GPSTs to use during problem based video consultation skills analysis
Our YouTube clips of 'Common medical conditions explained'
NHS charges for people coming from abroad - link to the CAB website 


YouTube Clips
Flanagan's Consultation Model 
Cue handling


Ethics, equality and valuing diversity
A request for an advanced directive - 2017
Good Medical Practice: The Duties of a Doctor
GMC case studies
Medical Ethics
Ethics - a discussion
Ethics - a case study
Equality & Diversity 2009
Confidentiality the concept
Confidentiality 2009
Confidentiality a PowerPoint presentation
Confidentiality - GMC 2015
Informed consent - GMC 2015
Jehovah Witness & blood products
Consent to treatment by children 2007
GMC - Doctors and Children working together
Chaperone policy
Health Care Rationing
Disability Rights 
Health promotion resources for people with learning disability
Fasting and diabetes
Childbirth and different cultures
Male circumcision
Female genital mutilation
Islamic Health Resources - 2008
Refugees and Asylum Seekers - updated 2008
Age and diversity
Cultural aspects of contraception
Cultural aspects of childbirth
Cultural aspects relating to death

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