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Intending Trainers

Inteding trainersThinking of becoming a Trainer? 

The simple fact is that it’s fun and professionally & personally very rewarding. Not only do you benefit as the Trainer but your whole practice benefits from a regular injection of enthusiasm and new ideas that GP Specialist Trainees bring.

So if you're thinking about becoming a Trainer then contact Matt, Arif or Roger.

Have a look at the Yorkshire Deanery's website

STEP 1: APPLICATION & THE GP TRAINER WEB APP (contact Sarah.Rowson@yh.hee.nhs.uk)

A. PGCME (Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education)
B. Involvement with the training programme you hope to join
C. Mentorship / peer support / learning about the assessor role




Also new funding is available to help intending Trainers with equipment or room adaptation / structural changes to facilitate Training accreditation.


New timetable/deadlines for intending Trainers

To allow schemes to allocate trainees three months before they start their placement we will hold the GP Trainer Approval Interviews in April and October.  We will therefore need to change the submission dates for applications.

These will now be the 1st February to start training in August and 1st August to start training in February.

We propose starting this in August 2018. We will be writing to all the intending trainers in the system currently to let them know of the changes of application dates.

To keep the dates simple for intending trainers we are also changing the deadlines for application for funding for the PGCME to the same dates.

Also based on the discussion on ensuring trainers are fully prepared for training, intending trainers will now need to have confirmation of successful completion of their PGCME before submitting their application. This will mean that trainers will not be able to start training until close to 18 months from when they start their PGCME but it will give them the time and opportunity to undertake mentoring and attending spring /autumn schools before they attend for interview. 


Intending Trainer trajectory

2018 Process and requirements for GP Trainer approval


Please note that Caroline Mills gpapprovals.yh@hee.nhs.uk is the Deanery lead for intending Trainers in West Yorkshire and the person to whom you need to submit your application forms and liaise re PGEd Cert for Primary Care.


ABC of teaching and learning - an excellent BMJ series
Work Based Place Assessment - a useful website exploring work based place assessment
The Practice Library - suggested contents
RCGP guidelines on recording consultations
Consent form for recording consultations 
An example of a GP Trainee timetable
An example of a GP Trainee induction programme 
Why proposed trainee timetables fail to satisfy the Deanery 
Questions often used by the Deanery at potential Trainer interviews 

Contact us - Matt, Arif or Roger are keen to support potential Trainers, so why not have an informal chat to find out more?

The Yorkshire Deanery  - Have a look at the Yorkshire Deanery website which has details of the dates of the seminars, detailed explanations of the pathway to becoming a Trainer and many useful downloads.

Mentorship for intending Trainers

Mentorship now is taken on (funded) by a GP Trainer local to your Practice.

There are 5 sessions 
1.  (Feb) COTs & feedback skills _- Intending Trainers to bring videos downloaded to their laptops of them performing a COT assessment with a GPST N.B. the video should not exceed 30 mins
2.  (Feb) CBDs & RCA  Intending Trainers to bring videos downloaded to their laptops of them performing a CBD or a RCA assessment with a GPST N.B. the video should not exceed 30 mins
3.  (Aug) E-portfolio review, learning logs, PDPs, GPSTs with problems, Educational Supervision, ARCP - Intending Trainers to read the e-portfolio section of the Pennine website and the  Educational Supervision and ARCP webpages.
4.  (Aug) Time tables, Induction, Practice as a learning organisation and interview preparation  - read the Pennine downloads above before this session and bring your proposed timetable and induction
5.  (Aug) Contracts & organisation, maternity leave, sick leave (A Practice Manager's perspective) - don't forget to bring your Practice Manager

Intending Traininers need to complete the mentorship grid prior to interview

6.  (April & Oct) Review of Training once first trainee in post & ESRs

Current intending Trainers


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