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Leadership Activities - demonstrating capability in GP Training


Listening Skills

Video consultation review or role play

Sit and swap surgeries


Participating in reflective practice

Reflection on video consultation review, role play or sit and swap surgeries

ePF Reflection on clinical cases, SEAs, complaints

Running SEA meetings

Reflections on leadership activities e.g. chairing a meeting, managing change etc


Giving and learning from feedback

Learning and developing feedback skills and reflection on putting this into action

Reflections on own PSQ and MSF

Reflections on their RCA group quality of feedback 

Reflections on learning from RCA group feedback

Reflection on quality of feedback given/received in sit and swap surgeries

Reflections on learning from sit and swap surgery feedback

Reflection on their feedback from their teaching

Reflection on learning from teaching

Reflections from observed staff appraisal meetings

Running SEA meetings


Dealing with conflict between personal and professional values

Ethical dilemma discussions

Reflections on ethics teaching session

Reflections on learning re ‘Avoiding burn out’

Reflections on dysfunctional consultations

Reflections on challenge/conflict resolution within Practice meetings


Organisational skills

Reflection on their e-portfolio engagement

Reflection on their tutorial preparation and planning

Reflection on their WBPA preparation and planning 

Reflection on their preparation and organisation of their teaching sessions

Reflections on their time/work management

Reflections on feedback from CSR and ESR re organisation

Reflections on time keeping

Reflection on review of results/letter/referral handling


Prioritisation Skills

Reflection on a duty doctor sessions

Reflection on clinical cases

Reflection on work management within the Practice e.g. referrals, results and letter handling

Reflection on urgent referral analysis

Reflection on work: life balancing

PBL sessions



Virtual Practice HDR sessions with role play

Motivation and negotiation skills training

Running Practice Meetings

Reflections on managing change within a team

Feedback from staff following change


Working in teams

Reflection on MSFs 

Self-reflection and learning -  Belbin, Tuckerman etc

Running a SEA meeting  

Leading on a QI project

Running a PPG meeting

Running a Practice Meeting

Virtual Practice HDR sessions with role play

Motivation and negotiation skills training


Advocacy skills

Practice Meeting

Complaints handling


Coping with pressure

Managing own workload review

Time management teaching session

Self-reflection on work: life balance 

Reflection on complaint handling

Reflection & teaching on burn out

Delegation & team working skills


Managing resources

Referral analysis

Prescribing review

Review of Practice accounts


Attending CCG meeting

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