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Multi-Source Feedback
The Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool provides a sample of attitudes and opinions of colleagues on the clinical performance and professional behaviour of the GPStR.
Multi-Source Feedback- getting a ticket number and how the respondents upload their feedback.
Step by step guidelines on how to get a ticket number and how your colleagues completing the MSF questionnaire upload their feedback.


PSQs - what are they, how many and what do you do with them?
The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) provides feedback to GPStRs by providing a measure of the patient’s opinion of the doctor’s relationship and empathy during a consultation.  The evidence provided is useful in helping trainer and GPStR to address needs and facilitate educational development during the training period.
As a 'rule of thumb' if you have PSQ domains with a median of < 6 or an average of < 5 this indicates a development need.

The PSQ handout can be accessed by going into your e-portfolio, go to the evidence section, click on PSQ and select Print a blank form 

The reception team should hand these out to consecutive patients who are seeing the Trainee until 40 completed forms have been returned to reception or the Practice. The admin team then upload the results from the PSQ forms into the Trainee's e-portfolio.
How do the admin team upload PSQs? - How to do it - all is explained!

CEPs (formerly DOPs)

Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills
Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPs) have been replaced by CEPs from August 2015. This is to provide a system for triangulating evidence to establish if the GPST is competent. The triangulated evidence comes from MSFs, CSR, COTs and direct observation. There is no prescribed list of Clinical Examinations or Procedural Skills, which must be demonstrated, but it is essential to show evidence of competence in breast examination and in the full range of male and female genital examinations, as this is required by the GMC.

  • This brings us CEPS Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills. The logic is that DOPS had become very much a tick box, which were only assessed once and did not provide good evidence of overall clinical skills as normally used.
  • CEPS will be a new competency linked to Data Gathering in the Diagnostics section of the ESR etc.
  • Clinical Examination and Procedural skills (CEPS) can be looked at in relation to each of the other competences.
  • There is a new learning log format to enable recording of CEPS
  • The wording of the MSF will change with the addition of a line requesting clinician’s feedback on examination and procedural skills.
  • The COT will change too, to allow feedback on examination or procedural skills seen.
  • The CSR already refers to clinical examination skills and so this is a great source of evidence in relation to CEPS this will change to be separated into 2 sections, one for history taking and the other for examinations

The QI project is being upgraded with the demise of the audit and QOF reflection from late 2018 or 2019.

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