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Multi-Source Feedback
The Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tool provides a sample of attitudes and opinions of colleagues on the clinical performance and professional behaviour of the GPStR.


ST1 - 1 MSF with at least 10 responses

ST2 - 1 MSF with at least 10 responses

ST3 - 1 MSF at least 10 responses AND 1 Leadership MSF at least 10 responses


Guidance for the use of the Leadership MSF

Your leadership activity needs to have been completed before you start the MSF.

Prior to requesting your colleagues to complete this form you need to complete a self-assessment. This will enable a comparison to be made between the two sets of results.
The more respondents who complete the MSF the more useful the results.  It is therefore suggested that you consider a wide range of colleagues, both within the organisation in which you work day to day and also colleagues with whom you have contact outside the organisation. 

Your respondents are asked to answer 5 questions, each with a rating scale, and to comment on any highlights of your leadership, and suggest areas for improvement.
As with all MSFs, the results will be made available to your Educational Supervisor to access first and then released to you. You should arrange to meet with your Educational Supervisor to allow discussion and feedback with the creation of a personal development plan if required.


PSQs - what are they, how many and what do you do with them?
The Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ) provides feedback to GPStRs by providing a measure of the patient’s opinion of the doctor’s relationship and empathy during a consultation.  The evidence provided is useful in helping trainer and GPStR to address needs and facilitate educational development during the training period.



Clinical Examination and Procedural Skills
 This is to provide a system for triangulating evidence to establish if the GPST is competent. The triangulated evidence comes from MSFs, CSR, COTs and direct observation. There is no prescribed list of Clinical Examinations or Procedural Skills, which must be demonstrated, but it is essential to show evidence of competence in breast examination, rectal examination and in the full range of male and female genital examinations, as this is required by the GMC.

There should be ongoing accrual of evidence of develpment in CEPS through every year of GP training.


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