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Diabetes management - six monthly updated guidelines for primary care
Hypo patient information leaflet
Type 2 DM risk - self assessment tool
Diabetic foot exam - web link
Screening for Type 2 diabetes - NICE 2012
Type 2 Diabetes Management - NICE 2016
Diabetes in pregnancy NICE 2008
Sick Day Rules - Type 1
Sick Day Rules - Type 2
Diabetes and travel 
Diabetes & Driving - advice re hypos, safe driving 
Diabetes and steroid medication

Diabetes management during Ramadan - a review 2005
Ramadan Fasting and Diabetes Diabetes Care 2010 
HbA1c units converter from Diabetes UK
Starting patients with Type 2 diabetes on insulin RCN updated 2012 - an excellent practical guide explaining the different insulin profiles, choosing the right insulin, injection techniques, how to start insulin, dose adjustment etc
YouTube clip on how to inject insulin
Home Blood Glucose Monitoring - Who should be doing it and how often?
Home Blood Glucose Monitoring diary - a useful download to help patients record staggered home blood glucose readings.
Diabetic retinopathy - a useful website for patients and GPSTs

Chronic Kidney Disease
Anaemia in CKD
Potassium and your CKD Diet
CKD - patient information leaflet


Sick Day Rules for patients with Addison's disease 
Endocrinology review 2008
FNAC result interpretation (Thyroid Nodules)

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