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OOHSOut of Hours requirements for MRCGP 

COGPED guidance on OOH indicates a MIMIMUM benchmark of one 4-6 hour session per month during all GP Practice placements. Therefore, in some training programmes, depending on the length of sessions from local providers, trainees could have as little as 72 hours experience over their training (24 hours for each 6 months). The GP School considers this to be the bare minimum required to demonstrate experience and learning and stresses that a minimum of EIGHTEEN SESSIONS is considered necessary to provide appropriate exposure and learning. It would normally be expected for trainees to complete a minimum of SIX sessions during each half year of full-time WTE training.

The LENGTH of any session is ultimately defined by the local circumstances of OOH provision and the length of the Clinical Supervisors session. Each session should include sufficient time for debrief and the opportunity to record the session on the e-portfolio. The maximum amount of hours allocated to any single session should be 6 hours.

OOHs (Y&H Deanery guidance)

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OOH record to be completed by your supervisor and uploaded with your reflective log entry

Pennine's policy on GPST 'moonlighting' i.e. additional paid medical work outside contractual obligations during GPST training 2009

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