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April Saturday and Sunday 4th & 5th (cancelled due to coronavirus), April 25th and 26th (full), next course August 15th & 16th

Csa Case ScenariosThe team from Pennine have created a two day CSA course which is a distillate of their very successful in-house CSA preparation programme. Numbers are restricted to ensure that all delegates are actively involved in developing their consultation skills in preparation for the CSA exam.

Two Day CSA preparation course  - August 2020

See what the GPSTs from our last course had to say ....."A perfect course"

"Well organised and really helpful"
"Excellent personalised feedback with learning points"
"Friendly and welcoming with enough pressure, but not too much!"
"Role playing the explanations of common medical conditions, linking option sharing was incredibly useful."
"As I'm shy I felt very comfortable with speaking in the facilitated small groups rather than a large group"
"It's great to have the course limited to 10 Trainees, so the two facilitators have a great deal of time for you"
"Great simulators and CSA scenarios - well organised"

What is different about our course? Unlike most other courses, which are primarily CSA orientation courses, we dispel the myths and rumours, explore the reality of the CSA exam from a candidate's perspective and focus on developing your CSA consultation skills and your CSA exam technique. 

 Day 1

  • GPST perspective of the exam & CSA 
  • Why GPSTs fail & how to avoid these pitfalls
  • CSA consultation model
  • Coffee
  • Live role play of good and bad CSA consultations with facilitated feedback and discussion


  • Consultation structure
  • The first five minutes ­ developing consultation skills with scenario based first 5 minute role plays
  • The last five minutes - developing consultations skills with scenario based last 5 minute role plays
  • Feedback

Day 2

  • The compaint/angry patient
  • Explaining common medical conditions P1
  • Coffee
  • Explaining common medical conditions & option sharing  P2
  • Breaking bad news


  • Simulated CSA cases with facilitated feedback (2 & 1/2hours with 20 mins coffee break)
  • Exploring ways in which you can get your Trainer to help you prepare for the CSA
  • Feedback

August 15th and 16th

Venue: Brig Royd Surgery, Hirstwood, Ripponden, W Yorkshire HX6 4BN which is just off the M62. Tel 01422 822209

Cost: £499 for the course

Booking form for the August course (will be uploaded in late April)


Hi Sue.

Please pass on to Dr Matt and co that I passed my CSA exam. Passed first time. Had a bad run up to it with poorly children at home and I think that my score was definitely boosted by attending the Pennine course. 

Can't thank you all enough. 

Kind regards 



Dear Dr Smith and Dr Bhatti,

I’m so pleased to say I have passed the CSA at a second attempt! It was definetly down to your course which I had attended a few months ago in August.

It helped me to shape the consult, understand the red flags and safety netting and breaking down the consultation into micro skills which could be practiced seperately.

Many thanks for your help and support !!

Bests wishes and respect,


N..... A.....


Dear Sue,

Hope you are well.

Just to inform you that I passed CSA 2 days ago. I got a really good score( 82 ),above and beyond the pass mark. Previous 3 times I was missing the pass mark by 2,4,6 marks. But not this time around!

Attending your course gave me clarity ---of half time wrap up, diagnosis, explaining and within this weaving the management options. I think this tipped the marks over and gave a good strong finish at the end.

Please continue the good work and help people in need.

With best wishes.

S... K....

Hi Sue

I wanted to let you, Matt and Fareed know that I passed my recent CSA with a great score. I am still pinching myself and can't quite believe it and am sure that your course was the key to my success. It really changed the way I studied and practiced in the run up and in fact the 4 of us in my little study group all passed with scores> 90. I have spread the word and waxed lyrical about Pennine VTS and your courses, not to mention the fabulous online resources.

Thank you form the bottom of my heart for arranging a space for me, it has made such a difference to our Christmas. 

Very best wishes and Merry Christmas to you all.


Dear Sue,

I want to thank Dr Matt Smith because after attending his course I could identify my mistakes and now I have passed my CSA. His course is really too good!

Thanks to you as well for accommodating me for Sep course


Dear Smith and Dr Bhatti

I want to thank you for your course and feedback when I attended back in Sept 2016. It did help me with the structure and made sure I did not miss much in data gathering. My score went from 61 and 59 respectively in my first 2 attempts prior to your course to 87 in my last attempt, after your course. The Flannagan consultation model was the catalyst for me and I will recommend it for any one who is struggling with structure and time management like I was prior to your course. Thank you once again. I am grateful.


Hi Dr Smith, Dr Bhatti and Sue.

Thanks for putting on a great CSA revision course on 9-10 April (2016). Just thought I'd let you know I passed my April CSA! I learnt some great tips to boost my score from 67 in Feb to 89 in April!

Thanks and keep up the good work,


Hi Matt,

I recently attended your CSA course in Nov 2015 which has helped me pass the CSA in Dec.
I have to say the structure of the course is fantastic, in particular, the breakdown on the first & second five minutes & practice at explaining common conditions. Dr Pool's & your guidance went a long way for me in this CSA with my score jumping a further 30 marks with no 'crosses' in the feedback spreadsheet.

Thank you ( & Dr Pool) again for your invaluable help & tips, which really do work!!
Best wishes

Dear Dr Smith,

I am an IMG and had attended your CSA course in November 2014 from Preston. Just got the CSA results, passed on first attempt with a score of 102. I found the course and feedback really helpful.

Thought that I would let you know the good news.


Hi Sue,  

Just wanted to say thank you. All who attended from Preston on that day passed, mostly with v good marks and all first time. Please would you also pass on my thanks to Roger and Matt as I passed first time with a score of 100 and really feel the course was a great help, as we all did.  

Thanks again

Dear Dr Pool & Dr Smith,

This is just to inform you that I have passed my CSA & wanted to pass on my regards & BIG THANK YOU to the pennine course organisers. The course was very helpful & I have recommended it to many others.

Thanks to you both. You are doing a great job by helping many of us . I have passed on tips from the course to our local trainer/examiner who wanted to know how I managed to cover a big gap ( 61 marks at last CSA & 81 now).

Thanks again

Dear Dr Smith

I have passed my CSA exam and would like to give a special thanks to you for the excellent CSA course at Brig Royd surgery.

Dear Dr Pool & Dr Smith

Many thanks for your excellent course. I had failed twice, then did your course and I have just passed with 87 out of 117 marks.

Many thanks,

Dear Sue,

Wanted to let you know that I passed CSA scored 91! very pleased and relieved :-) Please pass on the good news to Matt!

Thank you for the help!

I have recommended the course :-)

Dear Dr. Smith,

I am happy to say that my score went from 67 to 81 in the November sitting. In fairness, I feel your course was the tipping point for me. I was beginning to lose the will, but your course showed how easy of an exam it really is. 

I hope you have a good holiday season.

Thanks again for your Help

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