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The RCA is likley to be replacing the CSA until June 2021. Zoom based weekend courses from August

Csa Case ScenariosThe team from Pennine have created a two day RCA course. Numbers are restricted to ensure that all delegates are actively involved in developing their consultation skills in preparation for the RCA exam.


Two Day RCA preparation course  - August 2020

See what the GPSTs from our last course had to say ....."A perfect course"

"Well organised and really helpful"
"Excellent personalised feedback with learning points"
"Friendly and welcoming with enough pressure, but not too much!"
"Role playing the explanations of common medical conditions, linking option sharing was incredibly useful."
"It's great to have the course limited to 10 Trainees, so the two facilitators have a great deal of time for you"

What is different about our course? Unlike most other courses, which are primarily RCA orientation courses, we dispel the myths and rumours, explore the reality of the RCA exam from a candidate's perspective and focus on developing your RCA consultation skills and your RCA exam technique. 

 Day 1

  • Understanding & preparing for the RCA  
  • Why GPSTs fail & how to avoid these pitfalls (Tips for GPSTs, Trainers and RCA prep groups)
  • RCA consultation model
  • Coffee break
  • Live role play of good and bad RCA consultations with facilitated feedback and discussion


  • Consultation structure
  • The first five minutes ­ developing consultation skills with scenario based first 5 minute role plays
  • The last five minutes - developing consultations skills with scenario based last 5 minute role plays
  • Feedback

Day 2

  • Giving results over the phone & Breaking Bad News
  • Explaining common medical conditions P1
  • Coffee
  • Explaining common medical conditions & option sharing  


  • Simulated RCA cases with facilitated feedback (2 & 1/2hours with 20 mins coffee break)
  • Feedback

August  - TBA

Venue: Zoom based course restricted to 10 delegates

Cost: £399 for the course

Booking form for the August course (will be uploaded in July)



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