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Pysical Exam CSAIdeal for the CSA and day to day general practice.

Cranial Nerve exam in under 2 mins 
Basic neurological exam  in under 2 mins
Knee exam in under 2 mins 
McMurray's test
Neck exam in 2 mins
Elbow exam in 2 mins including Mill's test for tennis elbow
Wrist & hand
Back examination
The slump test - for diagnosing sciatica (can be done in chair)
Hip examination
Diabetic foot exam in 3 mins 
Thyroid exam
Basic cardiovascular exam
Basic abdominal exam
Neurological examination in more detail
Basic respiratory exam
ENT exam and tuning fork tests
ENT tuning fork tests - for differentiating between conduction and neurological causes of deafness
Hallpike Test
Epley Manoeuver

If you found these helpful why not have a look at our  YouTube clips of 'Common medical conditions explained' ?

Consultation/CSA scenarios requiring examination skills

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