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Prescribing Assessment


All trainees who start ST3 in August 2019 will need to complete a prescribing assessment by 31 January 2020

It replaces 2 Case Based Discussions in the ST3 year, so 10 are required not 12!


  1. The trainee searches on their last 60 retrospective prescriptions
  2. Using the prescribing manual, the trainee reviews these prescriptions and maps them against potential prescribing errors
  3. The GP trainer / Supervisor reviews 20 of these prescriptions, maps these against potential errors and adds these to the spreadsheet 
  4. The trainee completes the trainee reflection form in the ePortfolio and in particular reflects on their prescribing using the GP prescribing proficiencies
  5. The trainee and GP trainer / Supervisor complete the assessment using the GP trainer/ Supervisor assessment form found in the ePortfolio
  6. Both the trainee and GP trainer / Supervisor complete and submit the questionnaires
  7. The trainee uploads the anonymised spreadsheet to their learning log

How to do it - a guide for GPSTs (click) 

Examples of types pf prescribing underperformance (click)

Trainee self reflection form (click)

Assessment form for Trainers (click)

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