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Summary of WhatsApp Q&As for Trainers (click)

Marketing training

Useful downloads

GP Trainee induction  - from example timetables to Trainer checklists
Monthly reviewed and updated progress document  - an example of a shared document between Trainer and GPST which is updated monthly


What makes a good tutorial?  
Tutorial reflection & feedback template for both Trainers and GPSTs 
Tutorial feedback forms - improving your tutorials, derived from Gibb's cycle of reflection
Tutorial Log for GPSTs and Trainers -  it helps GPSTs with their e-portfolio entries & PDPs. It also helps Trainers develop their tutorial skills and provides a useful record for TQA re-approval.
Giving Feedback - tips for ensuring you provide constructive feedback


Educators' Notes - how to use them - guidance on how to use Educators' Notes within the e-portfolio
e-portfolio comment box - how best to use it 


A template for improving RCA - proforma to be used during RCA to help you make the most of the cases.
Another RCA template from our neighbours in Bradford

Using video

Problem based video consultation skills analysis - a non COT approach to video consultation skills analysis
I Spy Consultation Skills - a tool for GPSTs to use during problem based video consultation skills analysis

1st half consultations skills spotting check sheet
2nd half consultations skills spotting check sheet

 Consultation skills spotting ­ a checklist for video review by trainers
Consultation first half observer check list
Consultation second half observer check list -  a checklist for GPSTs and Trainers during CSA practice or video analysis 

Problem Learners - and how to manage the situation
GP Specialty Trainees (GPSTs) Problems 


Reference and feedback on your training

Pennine's feedback form which is completed and submitted by GPSTs at the end of each post to our administrator
Giving a Reference for your Trainee - a simple template for providing a structured comprehensive reference for GPSTs 



YouTube clip about CSA myths and tips
Improving the chances of your GPST passing the CSA
IMG support 

Courses for Trainers You can find courses for Trainers on the Deanery website http://www.yorksandhumberdeanery.nhs.uk/general_practice/gp_courses/


Trainee in difficulty

A brief overview of how to assess a trainee in difficult

Performance issues - how to assess and support a GPST (mind map)

RDM-p and SKIPE - assessment tools


Consultation skills teaching

See our YouTube clips (click)
Consultation skills spotting ­ a checklist for video review
Phrases for achieving COT competencies 

Other useful downloads

Assessing your RCA performance
A template for improving RCA - proforma to be used during RCA to help you make the most of the cases.
Using the e-portfolio as a training resource - It allows the Trainer to mark the discussed e-portfolio entries as ‘read’ and identify competencies, learning needs and help the GPST with their PDP.

Improving small group teaching
The excellent BMJ series ABC of teaching and learning - These are a really useful set of reviews which explore the evidence for optimising learning and teaching.

Curriculum - self assessment rating scale 2008

A useful tool for identifying GP Specialty Trainee's (GPST) learning needs which goes into much greater detail than the e-portfolio 'curriculum coverage' section.

Getting feedback on the training aspects of the practice - a template for providing a structured comprehensive assessment of your performance as a training practice.

A simpler feedback form 

OOH Useful Resources for Clinical Supervisors and GPSTs 2009

Referral assessment tool - a useful tool for assessing your GPST's referrals

How to use CSA feedback - very useful if your GPST has to re-sit! Also a useful tool for preparing GPSTs for CSA

An example of PBL scenarios

Problem Based Learning - ideal for small group or 'one to one' education
PBL Child Health 2/15
PBL scenario Chronic Pain 
PBL scenario problems in the Practice 4/15
PBL Planes, Trains and Automobiles 
PBL scenario MS 
PBL Sexual Health 1 
PBL scenario Sexual Health 2 
PBL drugs and alcohol 
PBL scenarios re benefits and disability 
PBL scenario PCO 
PBL scenario Child Protection 
PBL scenario - Psychiatry and patients' relatives 
PBL scenario - Genito-urinary 

Some other shorter PBL scenarios

Problem Based Learning scenario - diabetes 
Problem Based Learning scenario 1  April  2008 
Problem Based Learning scenario 2  May 2008 
Problem Based Learning scenario 3  May 2008 
PBLscenario 4 March 2009 
PBL scenario 5 March 2009 

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