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Case and PBL tutorialsFrom August 2020 GPSTs will have one formal ESR prior to ARCP each year but they will have a non face to face interim ESR looking at WBPA, accrual of capabilities, PDP progression and e-portfolio review at six month.

When should you meet your Educational Supervisor?

1.    We suggest that you and your Educational Supervisor meet up after two months into your first post to see how you are coping in the post and also to review your e-portfolio engagement. The outcome of this meeting will be summarised as an Educator's Note within the e-portfolio.

2.    Normally, six months into post you will have a non-face to face interim ESR in which you have to complete your self-rating and evidence of progression (mandatory).

3.    Prior to your ARCP panel, which review the last 12 months progress, you will have a formal, full ESR which will be face to face / Zoom based (mandatory). 

4. ESRs may be more frequent if greater focus on competency progression is required.

5. Less Than Full Time Trainees still have to have the same number of educational supervision meetings.  


Virtual ARCP panels May 2020 (click)

ESR and WBPA advice during the 2nd wave Dec 2020


Interim ESRs in 14Fish explained (click)

Some excellent FAQs on ESRs from 14Fish (click)

An Interim ESR should NOT be done when:

  • The last ARCP was an outcome 2 or 3
  • The panel asked for a full ESR at your last ARCP
  • The trainee has newly identified or previously declared Significant Events (GMC threshold of potential or actual serious harm to patients, not Learning Event Analysis), Complaints or Other Investigations which have not been resolved since their last ARCP i.e any declaration made on the last Form R which is outstanding.

The sign off for the Interim ESR is slightly different to that of a full ESR.

If the supervisor has any sufficient concerns and selects any outcome other than "satisfactory", the portfolio will prompt to switch to a full ESR, where the ES will then be required to grade and evidence each capability and give the full ESR grading at the end. 


Educational Supervision is a positive process which allows Trainees to have feedback on their performance, to chart their continuing progress and to identify their developmental needs. It is also a forward-looking process helping Trainees to develop the most effective strategies for meeting their developmental needs.

The Educational Supervision meeting explores:

  • The Post
  • The Person
  • Objectives completed from the last Educational Supervisors Report & PDP.
  • Whether you are on track for the MRCGP
  • Clinical care of patients
  • Relationships with patients & colleagues
  • Significant / Learning Event Analysis
  • The quality of evidence accumulated in the e-portfolio
  • Developing effective strategies for meeting your developmental and education needs
  • Refining your PDP


Form R during pandenic 2020

Virtual ARCP panel guidance during pandemic 2020


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