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Educational Supervision

Case and PBL tutorialsTwice within every six months a GP Specialty Trainee (GPST) during ST1 has to take part in an education supervision meeting (Y&H Deanery Guidelines). Two of these are the statutory RCGP based meetings and two the supplementary (Y&H Deanery) meetings. In ST2 & ST3 the number of Y&H Deanery supplementary meetings decreases.

It is the May and December meetings, the RCGP statutory meetings for all ST1s, ST2 & ST3s, which are of critical importance with respect to possible ARCP panel review.

LTFTT or out of sync GPSTs must have the RCGP statutory educational supervisor’s review every six months and a review of competence progression (ARCP) every twelve months of training. This should occur even if they are out of post. The timing of these reviews is dictated by the timing of their ARCP panel.

Educational Supervision is a positive process which allows Trainees to have feedback on their performance, to chart their continuing progress and to identify their developmental needs. It is also a forward-looking process helping Trainees to develop the most effective strategies for meeting their developmental needs.

The Educational Supervision meeting explores:

  • The Post
  • The Person
  • Objectives completed from the last Educational Supervisors Report & PDP.
  • Whether you are on track for the MRCGP
  • Clinical care of patients
  • Relationships with patients & colleagues
  • Significant Event Analysis
  • The quality of evidence accumulated in the e-portfolio
  • Developing effective strategies for meeting your developmental and education needs
  • Refining your PDP

When do I need to see my Educational Supervisor?

ST1s: September, December, February and May
ST2s: September, December and May
ST3s: December and May

It is the May and December meetings which are the RCGP statutory meetings and the ones which are of critical importance with respect to possible ARCP panel review. These tend to be more summative, looking at whether you are on track for MRCGP in terms of your assessments, PDP and the breadth and depth of your e-portfolio log entries. These are recorded in the 'review section' of the e-portfolio.

The March and September reviews are more formative, looking at how you're settling in, the educational environment, educational theory and how it applies to you and your e-portfolio, advice on your PDP and how you might demonstrate the outcomes. These are uploaded as 'professional conversations' BUT not entered into the formal e-portfolio 'review section'.

Part-time Trainees still have to have the same number of educational supervision meetings (i.e. six monthly statutory/summative Ed Sup meetings) and now no longer have to complete the same number of work based assessments as a full time GP Registrar. From March 2012 WBPA requirement is on a pro-rata basis.

Also please note that if you are in a GP post you should ask your Trainer to provide a Clinical Supervisor’s Report in addition to your ESRs. Although this is not a national requirement the Deanery has taken the decision to make this mandatory in Yorkshire!

Things you must bring to the Educational Supervision meeting:

  • Upload your completed NOE work book in the lecture/seminar domain
  • Detailing your reflections on your last post, as per Yorkshire Deanery NOE guidance
  • Complete  Form R prior to the summative meeting at the end of your ST year (usually the May review for 'in sync' GPSTs)
  • Ensure you have updated your self assessment in the e-portfolio (the 12 competency areas) prior to summative reviews

Please make sure you read the download on Preparing for Educational Supervision as this will help ensure that you get the most out of the review AND reduce the risk of ARCP panel referral.


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