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Managing common gynaecological problems - a GP's perspective

An interactive one day course, aimed at GPSTs and recently qualified GPs, which covers the essential aspects of managing patients' common gynaecological problems, with CSA exam tips!

Managing common gynaecological conditions (December 2016). This excellent one day course is aimed at GPSTs and recently qualified GPs. It's a very practical course which helps equip you with the knowledge and skills for managing the common gynaecological conditions which commonly arise in GP consultations.

Topics covered in this course

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding -  Intermenstrual, post coital, post menopausal, menorrhagia, amenorrhoea etc with CSA tips 
  • Vulval pathologies - A super interactive session using a wide array of images to help you diagnose and manage common vulval pathologies
  • Urinary incontinence - Assessment, investigation and management with CSA tips 
  • Managing the abnormal smear result - with CSA tips 
  • PCOS - Counselling, investigation and management
  • Sexual Health - PV discharge, STDs etc

Handouts - from the December course (available for 3 months) 

Sexual Health
STDs diagnosis and management in Primary Care

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
Post coital bleeding
Urinary incontinence
Abnormal smears
Identifying ovarian cancer

Useful Resources

Continence pathway proforma 
Bladder diary
Primary amenorrhoea pathway
Secondary amenorrhoea pathway

BookingVenue: Brig Royd Surgery, Hirstwood, Ripponden, W Yorkshire HX6 4BN which is just off the M62
Cost: £180
Date: December 2017 TBA
Contact:  Sue Rosborough or    (click) for more details

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