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Tools for EducationBasic rules

Key points re ESRs and ARCPs

  • Every GPST whether Full Time, LTFTT or Out Of Post must have a minimum of one RCGP e-portfolio based summative assessment every six months, even if they are out of post. 
  • Every GPST whether Full Time or LTFTT must have a minimum of one ARCP panel every twelve months of completed training.
  • The GP school are trying to move all ARCPs to the June date with the exception of pre CCT ARCPs for those out of sync (conduct 6 weeks prior to CCT date) or Doctors In Difficulty or those GPSTs who joined having applied for transferable competencies who require ARCP after 6 months and 12 monthly thereafter. So ST transition and pre mat leave ARCPs have gone.

    The ARCP period may be stretched to 15 months, so any ARCPs due after mid March can go one the June list (assuming not pre CCT or DIDs)

    ARCPs due after the June date may only be brought forward with the GPSTs consent (add as Educator’s Note).

  • If out of scheme 12 months from the last ARCP - Omar to complete a non assessment form to store locally and send to the School of GP ('Deanery of old').
  • Educational Supervisor Reviews are required every six months, so an OOP ESR is required if the 6 monthly review falls at a time when they are Out Of Post.
  • On return from maternity or sick leave a meeting should be held with their ES to plan the next few months (Educator's Notes to be completed)
  • More than 30 days out of training requires the posts section of the e-portfolio to be changedLess than 30 days out of training can simply go on the TOOT form R declaration.
  • Short posts - A GPST returning from sick leave or starting maternity leave may only be in a post for a short period of time. If 6 weeks or less then that post does not count to Training (inform Joan).  If between 3 months and 6 weeks it will count to training if they have a CSR, have generated 1 PDP and have done at least one aspect of WBPA (CBD/Cot or Mini-CEX) AND have some log entries. If a short post likely due to returning from mat leave encourage the GPST to use their Keeping In Touch days for an opportunity of WBPA and reflective log entries.

ARCP Panel Review - Reflections of a panel member from the last round of panels. Some of the important recurring questions by panel members were:

  • Have they logged enough good quality entries. Are they of significant breadth and depth (multiple entries in ALL of the domains e.g. SEAs, audit/project, clinical encounters etc)?
  • Have they been mapped to the curriculum (on average 2 or more per log entry) and is the mapping valid?
  • Is there good curriculum coverage?
  • Have they completed the minimum numbers of workplace based assessments (CBDs, COTS etc)
  • Enough DOPs/CEPs (CEPs on manikins in isolation don't count!) and OOH sessions? 
  • Are they using their PDP?
  • What does the ES report say (clear statements by the ES are very helpful)?
  • What does the CSR reveal (especially if they were from a GP Trainer)?
  • What do the MSFs say about the Registrar?
  • What does the PSQ reveal about their practice (NB MSF was found to be a more important discriminator)?
  • Have they completed  their NOE workbook
  • Have they uploaded their form R
  • Have they uploaded the receipt of GMC survey completion

Educational Supervisors :
Educational Supervision - a summary 2014
Trainers and Educational Supervisors guide to the e-portfolio - RCGP Jan 2015
Our standard e-mail used for booking RCGP statutory reviews

Managing maternity leave close to CCT 

A form to be used by Educational Supervisors to help structure and ensure high quality summative ESRs (click)

Useful list of examples of  poteintal PDP action points which you might suggest to your GPST

An Educational Supervision form which can be used for Pennine's formative reviews

What to do when the GPST ST transition date is out of sync with their peers (being updated) - Through maternity and sick leave we are accumulating more GPSTs who are having ST transition and ARCP panels out of sync with the July date. This download details two solutions.

What must I do? -  a super mind map for full timers 
ESR step by step guide from the RCGP

Trainees - what you need to do before Educational Supervision Review
What assessments you must have completed by when to be on track for MRCGP
Update and upload your NOE workbook in the lecture/seminar domain
Prior to ARCP panel and the summative educational review complete Form R and upload in professional conversations, send a copy to Omar and at the Deanery

What must GPSTs do by when?
What must I do by when? 20012/13
It's imperative that you understand the deadlines for CBDs, COTs, PSQs, MSFs etc if you are to ensure they avoid ARCP panel review.
Naturally Ocurring Evidence - Yorkshire Deanery's e-portfolio expectations re SEA, Projects, Audit and Reflections on Post. Don't forget  to update and complete your NOE work book prior to educational supervision.

Prior to ARCP panel and the summative educational review complete form R and upload in professional conversations.

A new requirement is that prior to ARCP panel in June Trainees must have uploaded the receipt of GMC survey completion as a log entry entitled 'GMC survey' in the 'professional conversations' domain. If not present at panel the ARCP panel must give an unsatisfactory outcome (outcome 5)!

As of January 2012, less than full time trainees (LTFTTs) normally take WPBA  assessments and e-portfolio entry requirements on a pro rata basis, according to the number of hours worked. However, it may be more than the pro rata equivalent; this will depend on their performance, progress and recommendations from your previous review.

LTFT GPSTs must have a summative educational supervisor’s review every six months, and a review of competence progression (ARCP) at least once a year.

Non WBPA suggested targets to be achieved prior to the end of the ST year

96 quality log entries (10 pages of the e-portfolio) and ideally 8 SMART PDP entries (includes those promoted by the GPST and edited by the Educational Supervisor at the ESR)
Reflections on post held, ideally 6 x SEAs

112 additional quality log entries (12 additional pages of the e-portfolio) and ideally an additional 8 SMART PDP entries  (includes those generated by the Educational Supervisor) - Running total = 22 pages of e-portfolio entries and 24 SMART PDP entries. Reflections on post held,  ideally 12 x SEAs

144 additional quality log entries (15 additional pages of the e-portfolio) and ideally an additional 8 SMART PDP entries  (includes those generated by the Educational Supervisor) - Running total = 37 pages of e-portfolio entries and 36 SMART PDP entries. Reflections on post held,  ideally 18 x SEAs, 1 x two cycle audit

Giving Feedback 

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